• iOS

    ZANEC has an established setup to develop apps for Apple devices. We have developed apps for the iPhone as well as iPad for our customers successfully. ZANEC is registered under the Apple Developer program and has the infrastructure to design, develop and deliver your solutions into the app world.

    We understand the importance of producing quality code that meets the demands of the iOS platform. By following our robust methodology coupled with our strong technical expertise, we ensure that every deliverable is of top quality.

  • Android

    With the growing popularity of Android, ZANEC has a strong team specializing in Android app development. We have deep understanding of the dynamic aspects of Android as an operating system powering a range of devices from phones to tablets to large display devices.

    We have designed and delivered solutions for android devices using a variety of architectures as well as supported various display dimensions such as LDPI, MDPI, HDPI and XHDPI.

    Our strong background in Java and other modern open source frameworks provides us the leverage to deliver versatile solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

  • BlackBerry

    ZANEC has developed and delivered solutions for the BlackBerry platform. We understand that the capabilities of a majority of BlackBerry smartphones are designed for business users and we have experience in designing and delivering apps that blend into this genre.

    Our apps support a variety of BlackBerry interfaces ranging from QWERTY to Multi Touch navigation. ZANEC is a registered BlackBerry app developer.

  • Windows 8

    With the growing popularity of the Windows 8 operating system, backed by the support of Nokia and other leading handset manufactures such as HTC, Samsung and LG, the tiles based Windows 8 operating system is gaining momentum in the mobile world.

    ZANEC has experience in designing and developing great looking apps for its customers using the Windows 8 operating system. ZANEC is a Microsoft certified Gold partner.